From project idea to completion

Project Idea

A project idea can arise on the initiative of a researcher, a research coordinator or management group. Until further notice, there are no special application opportunities set which means that ideas can be presented at any time. The opinions of the research coordinator or management group on an idea or a standpoint on a written project idea are communicated to the researcher who has developed the idea. Suggestions for the project are considered against a set of criteria. These criteria and a more detailed description of the decision process than the one provided here can be found in the following document:

Decision process (pdf 82 kB)

A link to the a description of the focus areas and contact information to the research coordinators:

Project Plan

From an accepted project idea, the researcher/project manager develops a project proposal in cooperation with the research coordinator or management group. If necessary, a pilot study is also conducted along with the preparation of a project plan in accordance with a specific model. The project plan shall also contain a quality plan and details of who is controller (generally someone in the management group). It shall also contain a plan for the spreading of knowledge, times and dates for checks and a budget with a plan for payment of funds from CTS.

Quality review (pdf 66 kB)


The project is completed with a project report which is submitted to the director (for larger projects, with a budget over 400 000 SEK, to the Board), who in turn makes decisions on activities for knowledge dissemination within the framework of CTS.

Final report (xls 116 kB)

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