CTS lunch seminar September 30, 11.30

Nursitihazlin Ahmad Termida

Published Sep 22, 2014

“Observing Dynamic Behavioural Responses due to the Extension of a Tram Line by using Panel Survey: Preliminary Analysis”

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Nursitihazlin Ahmad Termida will present

Observing Dynamic Behavioural Responses due to the Extension of a Tram Line by using Panel Survey: Preliminary Analysis”

Nursitihazlin Ahmad Termida

It is expected that individuals will respond differently over time to new transport options. The time-dependent individuals’ responses to an opening of new transport service are important to explore because they lead to better understanding of the dynamics of individuals’ learning processes and will improved the accuracy of transport forecasting tools.  Hence, a combination of long- and short-term panel surveys on individual trips, psychological attributes and mental maps were collected among individuals who live along a new circumferential tram line extension connecting two suburban centres in the Stockholm, Sweden metropolitan area. The aim is to gain a greater understanding about the dynamic behavioural responses to the opening of this new service and the factors that influence individuals to adopt the new service with the objective in developing a panel data model for dynamic tram use in a changing travel environment.  Hence, the design and construction of the panel were described and some preliminary results based on analysis of its first three waves were presented, which cover conditions just before and just after the opening of the new service. A descriptive analysis from wave 1 to wave 3 shows that percentage-point (pp) in tram shares have increased by +0.94 pp, whilst subway shares have the greatest reduction (-1.83 pp). Furthermore, multivariate analysis shows that elderly, middle-income travellers and travellers who have no children within their household are the ones who used the new tram service earlier than others.  In addition, high-income travellers, hold a driving license and public transport season ticket, have no dependent children within their household and the ones who used the tram mode in the previous day is likely to adopt the new tram service as a part of their regular mode choice.

Key words: Four-wave panel survey, time-scale responses, new tram service, individual learning processes, Sweden.
Seminar language:  English

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