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Published May 19, 2014

Steven Farber will present “Travel Behaviour and Socially Vibrant Cities”


Urban transportation research is converging on an improved understanding of human spatial behavior and activity participation. This presentation surveys the research of Dr. Steven Farber through a lens of understanding how human dynamics can be used to assess socially relevant characteristics of metropolitan regions. The research highlights spatial analytic and time-geographic conceptualizations of human behavior to investigate outcomes including: accessibility, social segregation and social equity. Particular emphasis will be given to a case study that investigates the equity considerations of distance-based transit fares.


Steven Farber is a quantitative transportation geographer and spatial analyst. His research program investigates how land use and transportation systems affect social and economic outcomes of urban areas. At the core of his research philosophy is the belief that travel behavior is a means through which land use and transportation systems are linked to social, economic and environmental conditions. His work is aimed at better understanding this link in an effort to improve the sustainability of transportation and land use planning. This is achieved through the development of novel geo-computational and spatial econometric techniques and their judicious application to a number of research areas including: activity behavior, accessibility, and social sustainability. His interdisciplinary approach draws from and contributes to the theories of activity and travel behavior modeling, urban-, transportation-, and time-geography, spatial analysis, and geographic information science (GIS). Steven has a Ph.D. in Geography from McMaster University and is an Assistant Professor of Geography at the University of Utah.

Dr. Farber’s track record boasts 30 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters, 8 consulting and scholarly research grants, and over 60 conference presentations and invited lectures. He also holds Associate Editorships with the journals Travel Behavior and Society and Regional Studies, Regional Science, and is an ad hoc reviewer for 30 academic journals. Steven is an appointed member of the National Academies of Science Committee on Social and Economic Factors at the Transportation Research Board, and an elected board member of the Transportation Geography Specialty Group of the Association of American Geographers.

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