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Congestion charges norra lÄnken

Project Number: 188

Project Leader: Maria Börjesson

Start Date: 2011-01-01

End Date: 2011-11-01

Research Question The project aims to supply the Transport Administration and involved municipalities (e.g Stockholm, Solna, Lidingö) with advice regarding the design process of the congestion charges system around Norra Länken and Hagastaden, and regarding proper tools, measures and methodologies to evaluate different design proposals. The central question is how to design a system that reduces congestion and queuing, and does not create other unwanted side effects (increased “rat-running” traffic, overcrowding in the public transit system, unacceptable barrier effects, too high system costs). CTS gives advice concerning which models to use for evaluation, what model output that should be used as evaluation indicators when choosing between different systems and how to interpret them. The system will be designed so that it can be adapted to include charges on the Essinge bypass when Förbifart Stockholm is built. It is possible that the Lidingöundantaget will be abolished as part of

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