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Pushing the research frontier of preference elicitation – applications in the areas of noise and air pollution

Project Number: 398

Project Leader: Henrik Andersson

Start Date: 2015-01-01

End Date: 2015-12-31

Research Question and Background Eliciting individual preferences for transportation noise has for long mainly relied on examining the relationship between property prices and noise levels. There is strong evidence that property prices are negatively affected by noise levels and based on this finding monetary values have been estimated for policy purposes. Recently there has been a growing interest in also eliciting individual preference parameters, i.e. how individual characteristics such as income, education level, gender, etc., are related to individual willingness to pay (WTP), which allows for the estimation of the demand function for noise (or “peace and quiet”). Whereas the direct estimation of how noise influences property prices only provide information about WTP for marginal changes in noise levels, the demand function can be used to estimate the theoretically correct WTP for non-marginal changes, which is important when estimates are used for policy purposes. Moreover, ong

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