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CTS mini course: academic presentations

Project Number: 417

Project Leader:

Start Date: 2015-04-20

End Date: 2015-05-05

This project is set up in order to finance the CTS mini-course in Academic Presentation for PhD students and research assistants. The course is especially designed for the CTS PhD students by The Unit for Language and Communication at KTH. It is also a unique opportunity for the participant to improve an important feature of an academic career: presentations. The course will be hands-on and take a starting point in the participants´ own work. During the course, the participant will plan, deliver, refine and finally perform two speeches (a short pitch describing your work and a longer conference presentation). The participant will be filmed and these recordings will allow the participant to review his own and other course participants´ performances. You can expect to receive input and feedback from a teacher at each stage of the process. The project will finance lecture time (a total of eight hours) plus eight hours of preparations for the VTI participant.

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