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Day - day learning busmezzo

Project Number: 429

Project Leader: Andreas Vigren

Start Date: 2015-08-01

End Date: 2016-03-31

Research Question A short description regarding the question the project is supposed to answer. A few sentences is probably enough. Please have in mind that this short description will be copied to the home page. Could sometimes be replaced with “purpose” (e.g. arrangement of a conference). In other cases the purpose can be to develop a method – e.g. a forecasting model. In an agent-based dynamic public transport model day-to-day learning can be regarded either as a reflexion of system dynamics or as a way to reach user equilibrium among route alternatives. In the BusMezzo implementation of day-to-day learning, these purposes are balanced based on model properties to achieve a framework that can reasonably well handle route choice both in small scale and large scale model settings. The objective of this project is to explore the appropriate approach and to test whether the suggested framework works for different network sizes.

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