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Innovative policies for sustainable urban transport (IP-suntan)

Project Number: 457

Project Leader: Maria Börjesson

Start Date: 2016-03-01

End Date: 2019-02-28

The project will design, follow, analyse and evaluate real-world implementations of a range of innovative tools, policy measures and strategies that aim at achieving a sustainable, yet efficient urban transport system. The sustainability goals in the context of this project include a reduction of car usage (and resulting reductions of CO2 emissions, local pollutants and noise), an increase in the attractiveness of non-motorized modes as well as public transport, and there with an increase in livability. The project focuses on both “technology” in the sense that innovative ICT-based policies are central; and on “behaviour” as we will study how these policies affect travellers’ choices in their daily mobility behaviour. The project is multimodal, considering road transport, cycling and walking, and public transport; and looks at a broad range of tools, measures and strategies that capitalize progress in ICT and big data sources such as electronic fare cards, real-time public transpor

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